Advertising Online

Introduction is a good platform for your online business advertisement. This will offer a chance to increase your visibility and reach by advertising your logo and company name or with added information.  Other than Incham members (both individuals and companies) It is a key resource for non-members not only in Vientam but also in India and other parts of the world, who are looking for trade and investment opportunities.

How it works

We offer two types of advertisement space on right sidebar.

Maximum 6 advertisements of the same types are placed in a general pool. Every time a visitor views a page of, two advertisements are sequentially selected from the pool and displayed with every advertisements have equal opportunities to display.

When viewers click on your advertisement, they are sent to your company web site’s home page.

All advertisement offered will be displayed on all pages except home page.

Incham reserves the right to decline any advertisement.

Type Advertising space/ Location Size W x H (pixel)
A1 Top right banner 220 x 330
A2 Banner on the right side 220 x 110


For inquiries and clarification, please contact Incham Office – Tel (+84-28)38238132 or send an email to [email protected]

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