Membership Application

Membership is open to all nationals having interest in Indian and Vietnamese business market. We welcome Indian Business identities, interested in Vietnam market to be our member. Incham will keep them informed “effective informed” of Vietnam market. Below is the type of available membership

Corporate Members

Any Indian company/ business individual is eligible to be member of Incham. Each Corporate Member shall nominate two, three or four persons of the Company to be their representatives in the Chamber.   Duration of membership will be life time subject to payment of annual fee and is transferable to any nominees in the company.           

Annual fee  

US$ 150 for one member                (with 1 voting right)                
US$ 200 for two members               (with 2 voting rights)                    
US$ 250 for three members            (with 3 voting rights)                    
US$ 300 for four members              (with 4 voting rights)

Individual Members

Individuals, Indian citizens and or Non Resident Indians (NRI'S) Representatives of Indian or Non Resident Indian companies, Foreign Individuals / Companies aged 18 years and above. Duration of membership will be life time. The membership shall be on the Individual name, hence is non-transferable. 

Annual fee     : US$100

Click here to download "Coporate Members and Individual Members" Form

Rights and Duties of Members

All Members shall enjoy the following rights, subject to the Membership privileges of the Chamber: 

  1. To use all facilities provided by the Chamber for the general use of its members. 
  2. To attend General Meetings and Extraordinary Meetings of the Chamber
  3. To attend functions and activities arranged by the Chamber 
  4. All members based in Vietnam shall have the voting rights, but any member of Indian nationality residing in Vietnam may hold office in the Chamber.

Looking forward to see you as INCHAM MEMBER

Please contact us at Indian Business Chamber in Vietnam (INCHAM)

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